For the 4th consecutive year, KPMG has published their Real Estate Innovations Overview and Hxperience is proud to be listed as one of the 200 most innovative companies in the PropTech sector!


A growing interest in innovating in the Real Estate sector

With a record number of companies identified this year, KPMG concludes that the Real Estate sector has a bright future when it comes to leverage innovation as well as the necessity for every real estate company to place new technologies and innovation as a cornerstone of their strategy.


The digitizing processes category growing by 274%

The study classifies innovation along 9 categories and notices the fact that there is a trend towards the most digital categories (digitizing processes, IoT and platform to connect). This confirms the growing opportunity for digital transformation in the Real Estate sector.

Hxperience has been identified as one of the 70 companies mapped to the “digitizing processes” category which includes all the innovation digitizing significant processes to analyse more data in order to make them more efficient. These innovations are often based on big data, IoT technology (to collect the data) and predictive analysis algorithms (to process, analyse and enrich the data).

To download the full KPMG Real Estate Innovation Overview (credits to KPMG). You can see the details of our company card on page 44.

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