Why monitor your car park occupancy?

On average, 30% of spaces remain unused in a company without a defined policy.

Stay informed about the real-time status of your car park: number of free parking spaces by category ( Electric Vehicles, Reduced-mobility, Car sharing, VIPs, Visitors).

Access the occupation rate of parking spaces by category: ( Electric Vehicles, Persons with reduced mobility, Car sharing, Management, Visitors).

Stay informed about the number of illegally parked cars and associated parking spaces in real-time.

Display a map of empty and occupied parking spaces.

Qu’attendre de la solution Smart Parking ?

Detection reliability higher than 99% thanks to its optical sensor.

A luminous, multi-coloured indicator to manage the status of parking spaces in a dynamic way.

Radio solution requiring no wiring at the parking spaces.

Eco-responsible solution by managing the lighting of the indicators according to the needs.

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