Meet the extensive demands of your market

The complexity of production processes in consumer goods entails a significant probability of error.

At any given moment, a batch of products may be mislabeled, a recipe may be misinterpreted, or a quality control check may fail.

With constantly evolving production environments, it’s essential to have production management software capable of handling this complexity. DECIDE4ACTION’s proven production management solutions with major players in the industry can enable your team to be more productive and efficient, eliminating human errors at every stage of the process.

Our production management software will save you time, money, and avoid frustration by streamlining every step of your production process.

Ensure your compliance with internal and external regulations.

DECIDE4ACTION can help you save time, resources, and effort by digitizing and consolidating all blocks of information into a single application, eliminating arbitrary tasks, and automating audit processes to meet regulatory requirements in each country.

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Automate and simplify your product testing processes.

Thanks to DECIDE4ACTION solutions, your team can pre-assign all test criteria directly from our engineering dashboard.

The testing equipment can then automatically execute all unit tests using these predetermined criteria. Our software will alert you if any of your products do not meet the defined parameters.

A 100% product verification guarantee

QUALITY4ACTION enables you to improve consistency and traceability, avoid errors and waste, identify potential issues as early as possible, and ensure perfect product compliance every time.

By fully automating your quality control process, you can save time and resources while guaranteeing a product that meets your expectations.

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