Why monitor the management of your workspaces?

Actual building occupancy rates are a key indicator which provide a better understanding of the effective usage of workspaces and possible optimisation, thereby enabling increased savings and performance.

By optimising your workspaces and reducing square meters used, you may increase your usage by 20%!

Evaluate your workspace utilisation and adjust your service contracts accordingly.

Optimise your attendance rate and reduce your office rental expenses. Savings of up to 13 000 euros per workstation.

Redefine your workspaces according to their usage.

Our Workspaces solution enables you to:

Display a map of empty and occupied offices.

Obtain details of parking space occupancy rates, by their category or allocation.

Access decision-making information for a more agile organisation of your workspaces.

Define KPIs such as density, average usage, peak usage, and more.

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