Promoting French lnnovation in the Real Estate sector

Hxperience membre de Real Estech

Hxperience has just joined the Real Estech association. This association covers the entire value chain in the real estate industry, from financing to construction through management (property), operations and occupation. It aims to identify, follow and develop the best startups likely to transform the sector.

The Real Estech association creation followed the co founders’ observation that the French real estate sector has been in stand-by mode for too long.

At a time when various proven technologies such as IoT, crowdfunding, BIM, blockchain are shaking up the entire sector value chain and where we see many young companies emerging which “combine these technological bricks to lead to new economic models “, it is appropriate to pool and promote these initiatives and to facilitate partnerships with the major traditional players in the sector.


The real estate sector at the heart of the national economy

Valuing French innovation in the real estate sector and contributing to the emergence of leaders is all the more crucial in this sector is at the heart of the national economy whether referring to residential or to commercial real estate (real estate activities and construction representing respectively 13% and 5% of the economy added value). We are happy to bring our technological brick and share our achievements in the SmartBuilding field. Our SMATI software solution leverages IoT and predictive analytics capabilities to transform building operations and enable real estate operators to move from responsive maintenance to predictive and prescriptive maintenance by leveraging buildings data analysis. The usage and environment data analysis also makes it possible to optimize the use of shared spaces in commercial real estate and to maximize occupant comfort.

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